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International Symposium of Ultrasound for Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (ISURA) is one of the principal meetings dedicated to the practice of ultrasound for regional anesthesia peri-operative and pain medicine. Since its inception in 2004, the meeting has been hosted in Schwetzingen (Germany), Toronto (Canada), Bern (Switzerland), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Bogota (Colombia) and Florence (Italy). Recognizing that the interest of ultrasound for perioperative application and pain management has expanded globally, our new direction is to bring ISURA to different parts of the world.
On May 9-11, we are very pleased to have the opportunity to host our 16th ISURA meeting in one of most magnificent location in Europe: Porto, the capital of Northern Portugal. Chosen as European Culture Capital in 2001, Porto was elected as the “Best European Destination” in 2014. It is a city with outstanding landscape with a 2000-year history, blended with modernized infrastructure, such as its airport being elected recently as one of the 5 Best European Airports. This meeting is a joint meeting with Clube de Anestesia Regioinal (CAR), the national society of regional anesthesia in Portugal. With the full support and collaboration of CAR, we are confident that you will find ISURA 2019 an exceptional meeting that is full of state-of-the-art medical information as well as the Portugal hospitality, its rich European culture, unique cuisine, magnificent scenery and many other delights.
We have planned a very exciting, highly educational 3-day ISURA scientific program that covers various aspects of ultrasound use. In addition, we plan a one-day pre-conference activity in which we offer demonstration of regional anesthesia block by expert in real patient (take place in hospital) and simulating practice, both basic and advanced, in a simulation center in Porto. We also have 1-day program for point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) to include topics such as gastric assessment for full stomach, ultrasound for emergency airway management, cardiac, lung and diaphragmatic evaluation. The pain medicine program will feature the update in ultrasound technique especially in denervation of large joint. The regional anesthesia program will present update and new information in various interesting formats.
This is a meeting you don’t want to miss. Not only will you learn the latest development in ultrasound applications, you will also have the opportunity to interact with international and national faculty and to network with colleagues from around the world. See you there!

Meeting co-chairs
Philip Peng (Toronto)
Clara Lobo (Porto)

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The Co-Chairs

Clara Lobo

Philip Peng